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The controls Return Man

Return Man is very popular online game in the world. 3 is back with new game play players have done absolutely convincing. Controls Man Return: go forward using I, J go left, go right is L, and goes back to the outside using the key K. This you can use go to transfer their Return Man the arrows.



The goal is to run the length of the field and score a TD without resolution.
To catch the ball position the Return Man over the yellow circle before it fills with yellow. If you miss the catch pick up the live ball without being resolved.
You will gain special moves and extra possesions as you progress.
Special moves are controlled with the keys A, S and D Each special move can only be used once per game.

You can use the space bar to move from screen to screen and avoid using the mouse.
Use special moves (unlock) to get by defenders. Running on lightning bolts for boom speed and bonus points. Run "cleats" to prevent from slipping on snow, mud or ice. Return Man 3 save your progress. Once you beat a stage, you can start from that stage again by selecting it in the beginning of the game.

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Return Man game high scores

Return man is a sport need a lot of energy, continuous exposure, and therefore fun, easy to injure. Participate in our Return Man, you can be action without fear of pain! There are many types and styles match various competitions to make you happy.

Return Man game high scores


You can enjoy the football games live picture or cartoon style with striking graphics and hilarious action. In the game you can also practice the other playing styles, such as rock or throw the ball, for example.
Train your ability first, then you will be able to join the team and conquer the world of British sport!
Return Man promises hours of comfort after a hard working day. Press Play and feel!

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Return Man ESPN

Return Man 3, a flash game created by ESPN .The game allows players to enjoy American football game. it's like you're dealing with your favorite NFL quarterback directly from your home. The idea of the game is; you have to get your players to the yellow circle in the game. During this time, you need to avoid the other players. If they catch you, the game is over.

Return Man ESPN


How to Play Return Man 3? Playing this game is simple. There are two ways you can play but both choices basically perform the same function. If you prefer to use the numeric keypad, this is what you should know;

Press 8 to make the players move forward over the 6 to make the players tank trouble 2 move to the right number 2 make the players move down the field No. 4 makes the players left

If your household is to play the keyboard letters, this is how you need to click for you to control properly the players;

- Press I - the players move forward over the L key to make the players move to the right K keys to move down the field J players move key players left

Share your scores with others! Think you've got the best? And then send your scores to online leader boards, Return Man 3 is a great way to kill time or take off your competition.

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